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Our Health & Wellness Ministry Team at Christ Lutheran is leading the way in caring for our community! They have shared an important info sheet about "How To Care For Your Mental Health During A Pandemic", as well as made themselves available to answer your questions about your spiritual well being, your wellness in mind, body, and/or spirit, or if you just need to talk to someone!  Please feel free to reach out to a ministry team member directly using the contact info in this vital resource.

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Anxiety can feel like a constricting snake slowly tightening around us until it is difficult to breathe. In recent weeks, the anxiety surrounding the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has a hold on the whole world as people die, economies decline, and our lives change right before our eyes. 
In this four-part series, Jonathan Pokluda speaks words of comfort and wisdom, to help Christians navigate the areas of life COVID-19 is affecting. During this series you'll be encouraged in how to overcome anxiety in these troubling days and explore ways you can remain faithful to God and to others.
Video Sessions with Dr. Joel Oesch 

Dr. Joel Oesch, MDiv, holds a PhD from Concordia Seminary and is a graduate of Yale University. Dr. Oesch has served as the Director of the Graduate Programs in Theology for Christ College, Concordia since 2012.

Session 1: "Nearness/Distance"

This session explores how God is both intimately near to us and infinitely set apart from us at the same time. Scripture speaks of a God who knows us, loves us, cares for us ... and yet we run the risk of domesticating him if we think of God as our "buddy." On the other hand, the difference between Creator and creature is infinite. It's good to acknowledge this fact as a way to preserve God's holiness insofar as it doesn't take away from his great act of coming to us in the Incarnation.

Session 2: "Memory/Release" 

Scripture takes great pains to emphasize the importance of memory. The Old Testament, in particular, reminds us to remember the saving acts of God. And yet, as strong as the command to remember might be, we are also called to release certain memories as well. While forgiveness is not forgetting, it sets us free from the tyranny of a wound received. Therefore, the Christian is called to both "hold on" and "let go."

Session 3: "Ability/Inability"

Lutherans take pride in the fact that our doctrine emphasizes God's work in our lives. We are utterly passive recipients of his grace, his forgiveness, and his power. By ourselves, we are powerless ... as St. Paul demonstrates so wonderfully in Romans 7. And yet we have both the Old Adam and the New Adam within us. The former is put to death daily (because it never seems to die!) by the power of our baptism and the latter is a life filled with the Spirit's enabling power. We are both capable and incapable at the exact same time!