Regathering for Worship Plan

Christ Costa Mesa provides worship options so that individuals may make the best choice for themselves and their families.

We do not expect that all people will be ready to make the same decisions at the same time, and that’s okay. Maybe you will read some of the choices we’ve made for in-person worship that you don’t feel are the right choices for you. If that’s true for you, we completely respect that. If you’re not feeling it yet, you may want to exercise your freedom to stay at home. We support you, and we also want to provide you with the highest quality online worship experience that we can. (click HERE to connect to our Sunday LIVE Stream)

Allow me to introduce you to the “4 Plays for Regathering.” There’s a reason they’re called plays… When a football team takes to the field, the offensive coordinator has a book of plays. The whole team knows the plays, and are ready to run any of the plays. But before the offensive coordinator tells the team which play to run, he looks at the defense first, and depending on what he sees, he’ll call the play that has the greatest chance of being successful.

 Here are our Plays:


We are currently in  Play 1, with all ministry functions in an all online capacity.

(updated November 16, 2020)

What to expect in Play 2


Worship capacity in each indoor service will be 100.   An RSVP is recommended if you plan to attend in-person worship at either indoor service in the sanctuary. 

 If service capacity is filled regularly, we will add more indoor worship services.


Please wear a mask out of an abundance of care for others.

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Because we will be masked, singing will be included.


Social distance seating.


Sanctuary & restrooms will be sanitized between services.


Please self-assess health before coming to worship, including taking temperature, and refrain from coming to worship if you've had any signs of illness.


All pew books and pens will be removed from pews.


Offering will not be passed, but dropped off in donation containers.


Shaking hands and hugs are discouraged.

Again, we provide worship options so that you may make the best choice for you. If you are in an at-risk category, please be cautious. Online Live Stream services continue, as we value all forms of worship with you. 

Looking forward to seeing a healthy you in worship, when you’re ready. 

Unified At Christ, 

Pastor Drew