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Here at Christ Costa Mesa, you can experience transformational worship while becoming immersed in God's community.

We value many forms of worshipping our King, including hymn singing, hands raised praise, bell ringing, liturgical response, sacramental experience, and more.  Jesus is calling you to hear His word and respond to His grace.  We would love for you to join us, and we grow deeper in a relationship with Him.  Experience the Love of Christ here.

What service should I attend?


This Traditional worship experience embodies the heritage of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Worshipers will be led in hymns and liturgy while having an opportunity to observe the time-honored traditions of the Lutheran Church. Occasionally our Choirs will sing, the instrumentation will change, and our pastor will make you laugh.


Combining the core elements of Lutheran services and current trending worship songs, the Contemporary Live Band worship experience provides an opportunity for you to experience God through the sacraments while responding to His grace through hands raised praise. The worship team will move you to sing, pray, reflect, and maybe even shout in celebration for the gift of grace from Christ Jesus.

Who is invited?

All people of every race and background, with and without a relationship with God, are welcomed at Christ Costa Mesa.  We value all people and encourage you to come to our church, you can even bring a friend!

Of course, we want you to participate in communion, but we also want you to know what is happening in this sacred part of the service.  If you believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and savior, the giver of eternal life and that he was crucified died and was buried. If you believe that on the third day, he rose from the dead doing so defeated death and currently sits at the right hand of God the Father. If you believe that on the night when Christ was betrayed that he took bread and gave it to his disciples saying take and eat, this is my body broken for you. And in the same manner, Christ took the cup, gave it to his disciples saying, Take and drink; this is my blood poured out for you for the forgiveness of your sins. When we partake in holy communion, we know that merely bread and wine cannot offer forgiveness alone; instead, it is the body and blood of Christ Jesus that are truly present in, with, and under the bread and the wine as they are distributed to those who receive the wafer and the cup. If your heart is not prepared or ready for this significant part of the service, we ask that you refrain from partaking in communion and, instead, receive a blessing.
Our main front parking lot has plenty of parking with many designated handicap parking spaces. If you do not have a disability please leave room for others and park in the larger expanse of parking beyond the gate, alongside the field.
When you attend Christ Costa Mesa, you will see all kinds of attire because the Kingdom of God is made up of so many expressive individuals. We invite you to dress in whatever attire you feel comfortable wearing... All we ask is that you wear clothes!

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What if I'm not ready to attend in person yet?

We value all forms of worship with you!  Please join us online by tuning into our Live Stream of either worship service on Facebook, YouTube, or here on our website using the links below.  Please like and follow Christ Costa Mesa and share our streams with your family and friends.


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Do you know someone who doesn't have access to a computer, but would still like to participate in Sunday Worship?

Please share our Audio Live Stream with them!

Call 949-528-2425 

at 8am Sunday, or any other time during the week, and you will hear the most recent 8am traditional worship service

When you call in, there is an option to receive a phone call every time our church goes live with the 8am service.  Then, all you have to do is answer your phone on Sunday morning, sit and listen!